What Is Remote Collaboration?

In addition to video meetings, Zoom also offers chat and content sharing capabilities that enable better communication and collaboration when you’re working with a remote team. When designing and delivering great experiences, we need remote design research and user validation to enable us to know and interact with our users. We need digital canvas tools to give teams a place to think visually and explore ideas, as well as collaborative design and delivery platforms to make things real. It can also be used for project management to keep track of projects & events. Plus, it helps to document organization management thanks to its to-do lists, check-ins, message boards, & chat features. The convenience of having all of these features in one location helps to reduce clutter & increase productivity. It allows users to create, edit, share, & store documents that are accessible to all team members.

82% of remote workers reporting that they don’t plan on returning to an in-office work environment. Each team is encouraged to set up a workflow that works best for them.

Tool 1: Happeo

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of remote collaboration tools that you can choose from. Working from home is easier than ever been before thanks to the valiant efforts of the software community. That being the case, it’s essential that you have the right remote collaboration tools. We’ve taken the liberty of listing out 15 of the best tools that you can use when collaborating remotely.

This is even more useful considering travel is still not as flexible as it once was. Popwork was launched at the start of 2020, during the 198 Frontend Developer jobs in Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands 13 new first wave of the global pandemic. Since then, it has gone out of its way to improve relationships between remote managers & their teams.

Why Remote Collaboration Matters

Juggling multiple projects at the same time is a reality for many managers. Get a clear picture of progress Top 47 Networking Interview Questions and gain overall project visibility by mapping JIRA issues to Wrike tasks, sub-tasks, and projects.

What are the 3 most important areas of development for you professionally?

  • Communication skills. Nearly every professional can benefit from having strong communication skills.
  • Setting goals.
  • Adaptability.
  • Productivity.
  • Stress management.
  • Integrity.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Conflict resolution.

This way, they can prepare the exact details you need beforehand, instead of offering up an estimation off-the-cuff. Enhance enterprise collaboration, using modern collaboration platforms to reimagine workflows and help employees connect to people and data across geographies. I will never work in a cube farm again micromanaged by some “project scrum mgr ” with a degree in “World History” who has been shown how to create Jira pie charts. This helps to reduce the back-and-forth emailing or messaging between co-workers requesting information, and reduces the possibility of delays and missed deadlines. Communicate specific expectations and reasons behind them, and link them to the wider business context so that team members are crystal clear about what their role is and what they’re working towards. Learn everything you need to know about the rise of unified collaboration and communication.

Establish a Centralized Hub with Virtual Project Management and Remote Collaboration Tools

Wrike also integrates with Google Drive so that you can easily attach tasks and project files. Remote work collaboration makes it possible for teams across the country, and even the world, to quickly share insights Skills Certificate, IT Specialty Front End Developer Truckee Meadows Community College Catalog on the same project — that is, if they can figure out how. Being upfront about these obstacles can help you come up with some compromises, and may even lead to outside-the-box solutions, such as asynchronous work.

  • Foster teamwork among and increase the productivity of remote employees via tools such as teleconferencing, video conferencing, file sharing, cross-channel messaging and unified workspace software.
  • Every interaction is now scheduled on our calendars and we no longer have as many moments of serendipitous collaboration.
  • This can allow them to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and stay in contact with clients and customers effectively.
  • Remote onboarding done right can be far more scalable, efficient, and impactful.
  • Similarly, a short, collaborative meeting online can provide efficiency by eliminating the time it takes to assemble and begin a meeting in person.

At Wrike, obviously we use our own tool for collaboration & PM, but it seemed to be a missing link when I read the post. Over the last four years, we’ve lived and worked remotely in more than 30 countries. We’ve been running a 100% remote, 90-person strong, venture-funded company that grows hundreds of percent year over year—almost entirely from our laptops, phones, and tablets. Working remotely is a productive and efficient reality that we evangelize to our clients, while practicing what we preach. Hiring remotely removes the constraints of geolimiting and makes it possible to build the best team, regardless of whether members are across the Bay or around the world.

Templates for Common Meeting Topics

Cris has led innovation and R&D teams for over 20 years, specializing In creative problem solving, as well as the development and launch of new products and services. His expertise involves setting up innovation models for businesses and organizations, fostering company culture, insight-led product and service design, and running inventive problem-solving projects. A focused workshop to help you define the remote collaboration tools and processes that will work best for your environment. As a knowledge base, it enables users to create, manage, & publish articles in real-time. For remote developers or employees, centralized information management makes collaboration & productivity easier. It’s designed to make virtual interactions feel more human & have impromptu meetups with team members in a virtual setting.

When everyone is on the same page and working towards the same common goal, collaborative working becomes much easier. Collaboration is one of the main hurdles to remote work, but it’s one that can be easily overcome with the right approach and the right tools.


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