I wish to know very well what is the proper Islamic ways in my situation to track down a spouse

I wish to know very well what is the proper Islamic ways in my situation to track down a spouse


Because an american transfer We have no family connectivity and would perhaps not discover lots of Muslims, as i am somewhat bashful and you will quiet, however, inhabit a location with quite a few Muslims off their countries.


All perfect praise be so you’re able to Allah, the father of your own Planets. I attest that there surely is none value worship except Allah, and therefore Muhammad is His slave and you may Live messenger.

The first step in choosing a girlfriend is to query Allah for guidance (by praying a-two-Rak’ah prayer particularly for this goal), query Him having assist, and pray in order to Your for success and you can prosperity.

Then you’ve to consult men and women who you rely upon terms away from piety, trustworthiness, knowledge, and you can sense. It’s aren’t said: “ The guy just who asks Allah having advice will not falter, and he exactly who consults anybody else does not feel dissapointed about. ”

Shortly after carrying out all of these measures, you start wanting a suitable girlfriend. You must place religion and you can morality on the top from the brand new definitions and standards on the basis of that you like your spouse. According to a couple of really genuine guides off Hadith, new Prophet told you: “ A female is dating in Cincinnati is hard actually ily ancestry, the woman beauty along with her religion. So purchase the spiritual you to, you are going to do well. ” [Al-Bukhari and you will Muslim]

Here, the newest Prophet draws our very own desire that the basis of choice try faith, to own a religious partner is much more prepared to satisfy the legal rights away from Allah, The new Exalted, the girl husband, students, and her home. Yet ,, this does not mean overlooking one other criteria, for example a great lineage and you will beauty. It is manifest regarding Prophet’s direction on the guy – exactly who wanted to wed – to adopt her, while the might possibly be mentioned less than, Allah willing.

Among the ways of research having a suitable wife is to try to ask the newest righteous and you can reliable female of one’s loved ones otherwise your buddy’s wives. If you are offered multiple alternative, you have got to ask Allah Almighty to own pointers to determine you to definitely ones. Then try to meet up with the that the person you picked while having a beneficial examining view the woman.

Jabir Ibn Abdullah narrated that the Prophet said: “ When one of your asks for a lady in marriage, in the event the he can see what will create him to help you wed the girl, then have to do therefore. ” [Abu Daawood]

Jaabir said: “ I inquired a woman in-marriage, I regularly glance at the girl secretly, up until I checked-out just what caused me to marry the girl. I, thus, hitched the lady. ” [Abu Daawood]

In addition to, Al-Mugheerah Ibn Shu’bah said: “ I inquired brand new give from a lady plus the Prophet questioned me: “Did you have a look at the woman?” We answered regarding the bad. He then told you: “Check her, for this is better on the extension of the marital existence. ” [Ahmad and also at-Tirmithi]

This isn’t a condition which one to requests for the girl or the girl guardian’s permission to take on this lady, because the Sharee’ah (Islamic Laws) gives your this consent. This is exactly evidenced of the various narrations, such as Jaabir is the reason the latter that.

You’ve got the straight to take a look at the lady deal with, hands, stature, and you may countenance. You are and allowed to keep in touch with the woman to help you glance at the woman mindset, thought processes, her tendencies in addition to things she hates. However if, the thing is that their acceptable, ask Allah’s assist and you can betroth this lady.

Don’t let yourself be therefore idealistic during the demanding all the definitions your have in mind, for this is difficult. I as well as encourage your from some things:


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